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245. I’ve been considering moving to Colorado. It’s time for a change and to be with someone who means so much. It’s going to be hard leaving my family and friends behind. Who knows though.
24 Sep — 2 notes
244. 19 days left until I get to see him again. These 3 months have felt like 6.
5 Aug
243. The closer it gets the more I miss him. 1month 5days until he’s with me again.
19 Jul
242. Trying to go to Universal with babe while he’s here. Need 2k tho…
13 Jul
241. I have so many lotions, body sprays, body wash, and soaps. I need to stop buying them.
8 Jul — 1 note
240. Possibly going to Florida 3 times all within 9months of each other.
6 Jul
239. 56 days until I spend 19 days with my prince.
29 Jun
238. Went tanning for the first time this summer. Got weird sunburn lines.
16 Jun
237. Slowly becoming more aware of what I eat. Slowly making healthier choices.
9 Jun
236. I don’t know if I’ll ever be happy with my appearance
5 Jun
235. The summer is coming and Boston is in full bloom. Everything is so pretty and I just want to spend every waking moment with you sharing its beauty.
25 May
234. Take me back to Colorado. Take me back to my love.
24 May
233. I can’t wait to post all these cute pictures of Colorado and of Alex. 11 more days!
24 Apr
232. I need to live in a victorian house
2 Apr
231. Jack and Coke have found a new home in my liver.
25 Mar — 1 note